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Essential Tips For Better Volley

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

You have less time to hit volley at net than to hit groundstroke at baseline. To hit consistent volleys, you need to turn your upper body sideways. Do you always feel that you are short on time to prepare your racquet to line up with incoming balls? One reason is because you are not turning your upper body quickly enough. The key to turn your upper body sideways quickly is to initiate the turn by hip turn (unit turn) other than by leg stepping sideways. Start your hip turn without moving your leg and line up your racquet with coming balls, then if you have time step your leg and move your weight forward (this is so called “Stomp the bug”, see the video clip below). It’s demonstrated here by former world #1, Stan Smith .

Volley Tips

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

• short back swing
• volley out in front
• short punch, no cross body finish
• put away volley for high, floating balls
• do not generate pace but use the pace for paced balls
• move feet forward diagonally, do not try to reach balls with arms
• use split step and react in either direction
• bend the knees for low volley

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