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Important Roles of Non-Dominant Hand in One-Handed Backhand Groundstrokes

As demonstrated in this video shown below, Justine Henin reveals the secrets of use of non-dominant hand in one-handed backhand groundstrokes in her own words “if you do not use it, it’s really tough; if you use it, you feel perfect”. Understanding this perfect feeling will help you master one-handed backhand groundstroke technique. The important roles of non-dominant hand in one-handed backhand groundstrokes are:

1) Keep body in good balance.
2) Facilitate to use shoulder muscles other than forearm (it’s natural for our symmetric two hands/arms to do the same motion).
3) Prevent torso from overturning to lose control and consistency.
4) Act as a brake to stop body further turning so that arm and racquet continue to accelerate to reach max speed (whipping motion).

    One common mistake for one-handed backhand groundstrokes is to swing with forearm only, which is a major cause of tennis elbow. Use of non-dominant hand as shown in this video will easily correct this mistake.

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