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Fundamentals of Tennis Serves

A solid body foundation is a key to perform good tennis groundstrokes, serves and volleys. This foundation is often called set-up for groundstrokes, and balance for serves. Our body anatomy determines optimal swings of groundstrokes and serves which include swing path and swing speed etc for each of us. When you fast swing your racquet either for groundstrokes or for serves without the ball, you can produce swish sound. This “swish point” is corresponding to your largest racquet acceleration. If you locate your swish point and feed a ball to that point, you will get the best swing!

So a paramount task to have your best swings is that do not distort your swing path and distrupt your swing rhythm.

When you serve, do you swing at the toss or toss at the swing? Understanding it will improve your serve tremendously.

The answer is toss into the swing. This tennisone.com newsletter by Jim McLennan explains the reasons, “If you know where your service contact is, and how the rhythm of a swing feels without a toss, then go and duplicate that swing with a ball, but without looking.” If in fact you have “tossed the ball in the way of the swing” you will be surprised at the result. If, on the other hand, your toss is way above the contact zone, or way off to the left or right, it is impossible to serve without looking, and in this instance one is certainly “swinging at the toss.”

Practice your serves with this excellent simple drill as described in the newsletter: locate your serve swish spot, start the service motion without the toss, keep your eyes up looking at the spot, swish your racquet though the spot; then repeat the serve with a ball toss into the swing.

There are various ways to prevent from distorting your swing path and distrupting your swing rhythm, which include feet unweighting, weight shift, toss release height, tossing arm speed at release, head and hand posture etc. For example, one common mistake is that tossing arm drops too early, which leads collapse or distortion of you swing path.

So have a good balance, find your optimal swing path and contact point, toss into the swing, then work reversely to get your full service motion.


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