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Traditional to Modern Forehand Groundstroke Comparison

This excellent Modern Forehand Lesson from Dan Brown of I’m On Your Side Tennis has been added to TennisandI video lessons.

Digital video analysis tennis lesson on the forehand. In this episode, a 4.5 adult tournament player’s forehand is changed from traditional to modern.

traditional forehand: early preparation, turning side way, step in, then drive through the ball at the contact, hip and upper body rotations, bring in back foot around for 180 degree upper body rotation.

modern forehand: open stance, load up power in the right leg, kinetic chain, angular momentum.

Comparison of Traditional Forehand and Modern Forehand

traditional forehand: linear momentum, turn side way, weight moves forward, more side to side;

modern forehand: angular momentum, load on right leg, rotate around body axis, weight moves to left.

long rectangular vs cylinder shapes

Advantage of Modern Forehand

a) able to put more topspin on the ball so better control, b) alleviate the strain on the left knee.


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