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Five Essential Elements of Serve

Jim McLennan, an editor of newsletters of tennisone.com understands the essence how to improve your serve by addressing these five common mistakes in his excellent free serve report on his website.

“Sadly, most people rarely improve their serve. In fact, 9 out of 10 people
ALL make the SAME mistakes. Doesn’t matter if it is losing balance with
the toss, an overtight grip or a swing without rythym, your serve will
never improve until you master these basics” – Jim McLennan

1. Losing balance with the toss – shifting your weight forward too soon
2. Toss and swing out of sync – disrupting rhythm
3. An overly tight grip – causing tension from the arm up to the shoulder
4. Serving without any spin
5. Hitting the ball without any snap at the top of the swing

Grap his full report from essentialtennisinstruction.com.


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