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Archive for the ‘Return of Serve’ Category

Situations to Start Game Points: Serve and Return of Serve

Monday, March 30th, 2009

For serve, the most important thing is to control the point, then eventually win the point, which means that you don’t allow your opponent to have an attacking shot back to you when you serve. For return of serve, the most important thing is to neutralize the serve. To see what situations you are in will help you identify what you can work on to improve your service games. Here is a list from the most to the least favorable situations for serve and return of serve.
For serve,
a) an outright ace or service winner;
b) one two punch — decent serve, followed by short or high float return, the server then moves in and puts away at the net; decent serve, followed by forced weak return, the server then moves inside the baseline and puts away;
c) decent serve, followed by decent return at middle, the server still controls the point with side by side groundstrokes or solid penetration shots to force opponent’s error or weak return, then wins the point;
d) decent serve, followed by decent return at middle, the server controls the point initially, but loses the control during rally by tentative shots or attacking shots from opponent, then loses the point;
e) serve, followed by effective return, the returner controls the point;
f) serve, followed by aggressive return with pace or placement, the server is forced to error, then loses the point;
g) double faults.
For return of serve,
a) server’s double faults;
b) returner’s outright winner or force that server makes error on return of service return;
c) returner takes control of the point by decent service return and puts the server on the defensive position, then the returner works on the point and win the point;
d) returner neutralizes serve and take away server’s service advantage, and gets equal chance to win the point;
e) returner’s forced error from serve;
f) returner makes unforced error on serve;
g) returner is aced.

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