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Archive for the ‘Mental’ Category

Practice to Hit Winners with Control, not POWER

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Tennis match winning or losing is all about balance of control and power. We know that winning or losing of a match is determined by unforced errors other than winners most times. How many times we see players overplay and end up with unforced errors. In this article by Tom Veneziano as featured in Tennis Life Magazine, it clearly describes this common mindset of hitting winners: “It’s just human nature to want to do more on your winners when that magical moment occurs”, “They abandon control and go with power”.

In order to reset or reprogram this mindset, one needs to practice to Hit Winners with Control, not POWER: in your practice sessions, try hitting easy put away balls with minimum power, then gradually increase that power to reach so called “controlled aggression” as we often hear from tennis TV commentators.

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