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Five Essential Drills

Monday, March 9th, 2009

“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

1. Consistency Drill

Players hit groundstrokes with each other as many rallies as possible to zones between the service lines and baselines, no winners and forced errors. Record the maximum number of consecutive rallies.

2. Figure 8 Drill

One player hits every groundstroke crosscourt, another player hits every groundstroke down the line.

3. Volley Drill

One player volleys near the net (3 to 4 feet from the net) in ad court, crosscourt then down the line. The other player is at the baseline and hits groundstrokes back to the net player. The net player then moves to the deuce side and repeat the same drill.

4. Overhead Drill

One player feeds lobs to the other at the net to force the net player to move back to hit an overhead smash to each side of the court. After hitting the smash, the net player immediately runs forward and touches the net with racquet head.

5. Serve/Return Drill

One player serves to the other with three serves: wide, center and down the T. The returner returns crosscourt, center and down the line for each type of serves.

For more details, go to here.

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